Academic Representative

for year 1 Electronic and Information Engineering @ Imperial College London

Table of Contents

Why I became a year representative?

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”
— Stephen R. Covey (Author of The 7 Habits of […], a classic book much less cheesy than its title)

Our university experience depends on us just as much as on our lecturers and professors. Imperial is a top-of-the-world university because exceptional researchers meet exceptional students. This synergy needs a well functional feedback loop, and that is my job as your Year Academic Representative.

How to contact your representative

We - the representatives - can only effectively ask our department for reforms if we get feedback from you. Make sure that you reach out to your representative if you have any suggestion. Don’t worry about being formal or exact, we are here to help you solve your problems.

What I have already accomplished as a Year Academic Representative

Silent study computer room

This may be a case study on how your opinions shape our department:

How it all started: I had 3-4 students approach me with the complaint that the level 3 computer room

Polling opinions: I proposed it to the DepReps and the staff and we conducted an opinion poll, which shoved that 60% of students would indeed prefer the level 3 labs silent.

Implementation: From Monday 25.2.2018 the smaller computer lab on level 3 is silent. Students have been notified by their representatives via mail, Facebook and posters. This policy is launched as a pilot for a duration of 1 month after which it will be subject to a review by students and staff.

silent silent

Website for Reps

Created a website for all student representatives of our department. Soon to be launched.

Routine tasks

My fellow students approached me with a multitude of issues of technical character which were resolved usually in less than a week.

In addition to these I have provided feedback to our lecturers. I have notified staff about periods of exceedingly high workload.

General info on representation

Student-staff committee. Here I and the other representatives represent our interests in front of the members of the staff.
Academic representatives
There are 3 Year Representatives for each year and 3 Departmental Representatives. We are here to solve issues related to the academic aspects of your studies: coursework, assessment, Workload etc. I am the academic representative of EIE year 1.
Well-being representatives
Similar to the position of Academic representatives, well-being representatives are here to advise you on well-being issues like welfare, comfort, physical and psychical health…