Curriculum Vitæ

On the balcony of the EEE department of Imperial College London.
On the balcony of the EEE department of Imperial College London.
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📄 Printable CV

For printing, please use the pdf version of my CV.

💼 Work Experience

Summer Analyst @ JPMorgan Chase & Co.

London, UK | Jun 2019 - Aug 2019

Athena is JP Morgan’s a platform powered by Python, holding the banks strategic positions and managing its risk calculations. It is the direct equivalent of Goldman Sach’s SecDB+Slang platform and BAMLS’s Quartz platforms.
Worked on 5 independent projects:

  • KPI reporting automation
  • Automation of reporting of technology assets
  • Wrote a chatbot for Symphony (clone of Slack for financial institutions)
  • Python 3 migration of the multi-million line monorepo
  • Explored visualisation options for cloud computing performance metrics

At the end of my internship I have been offered a return offer.

Summer Intern @ Rolls-Royce plc

Derby, UK | Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

Part of the Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems team. Mainly writing plugins for the Grafana platform.

Summer Intern @ Promiseo s.r.o.

Kosice, SK | Jul 2017 - Sep 2017

Tasks and responsibilities
  • Transcription of Photoshop designs to HTML, CSS, JS
  • Coding of email newsletters
  • Configuring Wordpress sites
Skills enhanced
  • Front-end workflow
  • Javascript & JQuery
  • Wordpress

🎓 Education

Imperial College London

MEng Electronic and Information Engineering
London, UK | Sep 2017 - (Jun 2021)

Course focused on HW and SW.

Module type Year 1 Year 2
Mathematics and theory
  • Mathematics 1A (Differential and integral calculus)
  • Mathematics 1B (Linear algebra)
  • Analysis of Circuits
  • Introduction to Signals and Communications
  • Mathematics 2A (Complex and vector calculus)
  • Mathematics 2B (Probability and statitics)
  • Mathematics 2A (Numerical methods)
  • Communication Systems
  • Feedback Systems
  • Signals and Linear Systems
HW and low-level
  • Digital Electronics 1
  • Introduction to Computer Architecture and Systems
  • Electronics Lab
  • Computer Architecture 2
  • Digital Electronics 2
  • Software Engineering 1: Introduction to Computing (C++)
  • Software Engineering 1: Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Algorithms and Complexity
  • Computer Networks and Distributed Systems 💻
  • Databases 💻
  • Language Processors (Compiler project)
  • Engineering Design and Practice
  • User-centred Information Systems

💻 - Course provided by the Department of Computing

High School Postova 9

Kosice, SK | Sep 2013 - Jun 2017

My Achievements

  • 6 international STEM competition representations
  • Numerous national competitions and projects
  • Seminars: Physics, Informatics, Mathematics
  • End-examination: Slovak, English, Maths, Physics all grade “Excellent (best possible)
  • 2x St. Goraz Plaque Awarded for top students by the Slovak Ministry of Education.


  • Top 1 Slovak High School
  • Selective Mathematics-specialised class
  • Many successful alumni on UK Universities

🔩 Skills


  • Python
  • C++
  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Languages (natural)

Language Level
English Advanced IELTS 8.0/9.0
German Intermediate
Hungarian Native/Bilingual
Slovak Native/Bilingual


  • Driving licence for standard vehicles and small motorbikes
  • Can solve the Rubik’s cube

🙌 Volunteering

CppCon Volunteer

Largest conference of the C++ community in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Hack Kosice Organizer

Sponsorship agent and Head of the Sponsors team. Managed to raise over 30k € for Slovakia’s first ever MLH hackathon.

C++ on Sea Volunteer

Confrence on the C++ programming language. Helping with registration, hospitality, time management and other.

Academic Representative

Elected Year Academic Representative of student of Electrical and Electronic Engineering @ Imperial College.

Solved numerous minor issues as well as proposed proposal for the whole department to enhance the student experience.

FLL Competition Judge

Judge for the FIRST LEGO League competition on regional and international stages. Competition for pupils aged 10-16 in building and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots, Teamwork and Project Presentations.