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EIE DepRep 2018 campaign

Announcement and manifesto of my candidacy

Dear Fellow EIE students at Imperial College London,

I am announcing that I am running for the position of Departmental Representative of EIE in the Leadership election of Imperial College Student’s Union 2018.

What I want to accomplish

  1. More Internships for EIE
  2. Closer ties to DoCSoc
  3. A clear direction for EIE

How I want to accomplish these goals?

1. More Internships for EIE

The problem is that Internships are hard to get for people from EEE in general. Although EIE is slightly better off, our Employability still lags behind to the Department of Computing.

The solution is thoroughly explained in this lecture by Sean Lee. In order to help 1st and 2nd year students get more internships we need to strengthen the software engineering side of our course.

As your Departmental Representative I will initiate and support reforms, which will make EIE more competitive on the jobs’ market. Making it easier for you to get an internship or a job.

Campus of Google, on

2. Closer ties to DoCSoc

Department of Computing Society and EIE have a lot in common. This is however not reflected on their communication and cooperation which is a problem.

As your Departmental Representative I will make sure that you will be able to enjoy DoCSoc’s amazing events.

3. A clear direction for EIE

The rising number of EIE students creates an urge to control the curriculum in order to accommodate our needs. As a Departmental Representative I will make sure that you and your representatives have a chance to speak and affect the course. I will make sure that our views are represented and our interests protected.

I will make sure that your voice makes a difference by providing strong leadership, which is very much needed in the upcoming months of the Curriculum review.

My qualifications for this job

  • Founded and led a team of 23 people.
  • Programmed a site for EEE reps that is to be launched soon.
  • Led the implementation of the partially silent computer labs.
  • Solved numerous issues related to my year.

For a complete overview of my accomplishments as a year representative see the representation section of my site.

For more information on me see my LinkedIn, CV site, or printable CV.

Support me

If you like my campaign you can:

  • Vote for me
  • Tell your friends about my campaign
  • Share this website ( or the Facebook event

To go to the voting system click on the banner below: Banner 2018 Imperial College Union Election